Among the Boy Scouts, there is a familiar slogan that challenges young men to “Do a good turn daily.” This expression is a simple reminder for all of us to go out of our way to help other people.

On the one hand, volunteering benefits the people you are serving. However, there is a good sense of gratification that comes from volunteering. Beginning in 1966, entertainer Jerry Lewis hosted a telethon every Labor Day to raise money and awareness for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. “We raised 2.6 billion dollars,” He said in 2010. “I feel pretty satisfied about the 61 years of constant looking to make children better.”

We may never produce a charitable juggernaut that competes with Jerry Lewis’ historical contribution. However, there are plenty of ways we can serve on a smaller scale. Once the pandemic isolation is over, consider these three ideas to help you get on the road to volunteering.

Back to School

A 2017 study found 43 percent of children had a parent who served on a committee or volunteered at their school. In addition to lending a helping hand, you have the opportunity to set an excellent example for your children and their peers. You can assist in classrooms or lunchrooms, fill in as a crossing guard, donate your talents to events (graphic design, decorating, cooking, etc.), or be a chaperone on field trips. Any way you slice it, you’ll feel good about volunteering at your children’s school.

Animal Shelter

Every year, over six million dogs and cats enter into animal shelters across the country. With that kind of volume, it’s easy to understand the constant need for volunteers to help out. Perfect for the person who loves domestic animals of all sizes (and doesn’t mind getting dirty), the job requires keeping animals and kennels clean, as well as walking, feeding, and offering companionship to homeless pets.

Your Block

You don’t have to go any further than your street to find opportunities to help others. Volunteering to assist someone around the house, in the garden, or in the garage can lead to long-lasting friendships. Since the person you help is likely to turn around and do the same for somebody else, it’s also a great way to spread a warm smile.

There are a lot of good opportunities for you to be a volunteer. Start sharing your time and talents with others by helping out at schools, in animal shelters, or around your neighborhood, and you’ll improve your community while feeling a sense of accomplishment. By doing so, you’ll make the slogan “Do a good turn daily” an essential part of your character.